About God (Eshwar) in 7th Chapter of Sathyarth Prakash of Maharshi Dayananda Saraswathi.

Has God a form or is He formless?

A.- He is formless, because if He possesses a form He could never be Omnipresent, nor, therefore Omniscient, since a finite substance can possess only finite attributes, actions and nature. Besides, He could never be free from hunger and thirst, heat and cold, disease, imperfections and injuries. This proves, therefore, that God is formless, If He were to possess a body, another person would be required to make the different organs of His body, such as eyes, ears and the like, for He, who is the product of the combination of the different parts, must have an intelligent formless maker. Here if it be urged that God Himself made His own body simply by willing it, this too goes to prove that He was formless before He made His body. It is clear, therefore, that God is never embodied. Being without a body He is able to make the visible universe out of invisible causes.

Is God All-powerful or not?

A.- Yes, He is, but what you understand by the word All- powerful is not right. It really means that God does not require the least assistance from any person in all His works such as Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution of the Universe, and administration of Divine Justice. In other words, He does all His works with His own infinite power.

But we believe that God can do whatever He likes. There is no one above Him.

A.- What does He like? If you say that he likes and can do all things, we ask – “Can God kill Himself?” Or “can He make other Gods like Himself, become ignorant, commit sins such as theft, adultery and the like? Or can He be unhappy?” Your answer can only be in the negative, as these things are opposed to the nature and attributes of God; hence your contention, that God can do all things, does not hold good. Our meaning only, therefore, of the word All-powerful is true.